Innovative Marketing & Digital Communications

We Are

The agency is powered by veteran professionals with strong credentials, whose mantra is no mistakes, no surprises, no excuses. As an elite team of MarCom professionals, IMDC is obsessed with excellence ─ executing the right tasks, in the right way, at the right time. Team members are highly creative and fire-tested, with a 25-year track record of building strong cross-functional alliances to accomplish client goals. This high level of experience enables team members to act with agility: the utmost speed, diplomacy and discretion.

IMDC was founded by Wall Street veteran Mark Mills and he is involved in every project. IMDC is a full-service marketing communications agency. Its building blocks include professionalism, talent and being easy to work with. Headquartered in L.A., its staff and clients are around the country. A nationally certified Minority Business Enterprise, IMDC provides impactful solutions to large and small companies that prioritize D&I. Many of its clients are in highly regulated industries such as financial services. The client base includes Fortune 500 companies and leading minority-owned businesses. And they're like IMDC ─ discerning, demanding ─ perfectionists. IMDC believes each client's trust must be strengthened by consistent execution.